giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin
giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher of Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. He strives to combine the rigor of the scientific investigation of nature with the understanding of the world of the Soul and Spirit, in Man and the Cosmos.


He is a Biographical and Naturopathic Counselor. He holds a degree in Natural Sciences and a doctorate in Educational Sciences, with a thesis in Archetypal Psychology and Evolution.

giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin

"Know Thyself!"

I have put at your disposal several of my articles, books, lectures, seminars and conferences that I have given during these years of scientific-spiritual activity.


Choose the mode you prefer to explore different aspects of Anthroposophical Spirit Science.

"Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe. It arises in man as a need of the heart and feeling...


Anthroposophists are those who experience, as an essential need of life, certain questions on the nature of the human being and the universe, just as one experiences hunger and thirst."

Rudolf Steiner


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giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin

We are spirits that make a human experience, unique and unrepeatable, which we call Biography. However, when we are not aware of the immense archetypal forces that act in life, we lose the meaning of events. Biographical Counseling helps us to recognize our potential, to make conscious choices for our spiritual evolution.

This is how a Biographical Counseling session takes place…

  • Let’s talk about your biography, from birth to the interview, and how we would like to evolve spiritually. We divide your biography into seven years and discover its operating rhythms and strengths.

  • We draw a picture by images of the archetypes in play, recognising and interpreting them.

  • We outline how to write the following of the biography in full consciousness. Let’s go back together to walk towards freedom!