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“Where do I come from?
Who am I?
Where am I going?”

These are the fundamental questions that man asks himself with respect to the Cosmos. They are all questions of separation. In fact, in the ordinary waking consciousness in which man lives, he poses himself in relation to Nature and the Cosmos, and yet we know that man is the only being who lives halfway, having both a body that belongs to Nature and a spirit that belongs to the Cosmos. Man with his ego feels alone in the inner space of his soul. In truth man is never alone! He must be able to find the key to see reality as it is and not as he believes it is at the mercy of doubt, separation and fear. It is love that moves us in the metamorphosis: love for ourselves and for our neighbor, for events and things, for man and Nature.


"Man, know yourself and become what you are!"


We are spirits who make a human experience, unique and unrepeatable, which we call Biography. Biography is a being, who lives in meaning. Only the spirit finds the meaning of things, of people, the meaning of his own life on Earth. If you want to know yourself, seek in the world; if you want to know the world, seek in yourself. Only when body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony with Nature and the Cosmos, does man find his Ego. All this is possible through the division of biography into seven years and the recognition of the archetypes and the forces that act there.


However, when we are not aware of the immense archetypal forces that act in life, we lose the meaning of events. The paradox of the human being is that without having the courage to descend into the darkest matter it is not possible to find the most sublime spirit. If man does not wield his courage, he clashes with the being of biography instead of collaborating with it. Biographical work strengthens individuality and his capacity for choice. By understanding a relationship between body, soul and spirit, they support each other, allowing the purpose of the incarnation to be achieved.

The Science of the Spirit helps us to understand our potential, to make conscious choices, to guide us on the path of spiritual evolution. Counseling is born from the individual's need to make choices, supported by an understanding person who can give him/her support as well as show him/her other possible points of view.


From the encounter between the understanding of the biography of Anthroposophy and the Counseling comes the Anthroposophical Counseling, which is part of Psychosophy. A wide-ranging approach capable of understanding the entire panorama of the individual's life in all its dimensions: physical, animic (psychic) and spiritual. Psychosophy, therefore, stands as a personal as well as transpersonal, material and spiritual understanding of man's life journey, recognizing both its individual and universal value. Through Anthroposophical Counseling you can discover your individual answer to the fundamental questions of man.


Biographical Counseling helps us to recognize our potential, to make conscious choices for our spiritual evolution. Through biographical work you can find a common thread that leads from the past to the future through the present. During the meetings, we start with a current question and then create links with biographical events from the past in order to formulate new questions suitable for the future. The connection between past and future through the present is love, which overcomes time and connects all dimensions of being.


Love has many forms most of them related to individual destiny (karma). But when love is conjugated to freedom, that is, to the consciousness of the archetype within action, it succeeds in overcoming the bond of destiny, fulfilling it fully. Thus we pass from love of the body to love of the soul and finally to love of the spirit. The more evolved the soul is, the more it will be able to experience a selfless love that comes close to the Spirit. Spiritual evolution is therefore a relationship of love with the archetypes that live through our biographical events.

The Biographical Counseling interview takes place like this...


  • Let's talk about your biography, from birth to interview, and how we would like to evolve spiritually. Let's divide your biography into seven years and discover the rhythms and forces at work.



If you want to walk on the path that leads to the encounter with the Being of your Biography, write to me, following these steps:

Thanks for your request!

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