giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin
giorgio tarditi spagnoli biografia semin

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher of Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. He strives to combine the rigor of the scientific investigation of nature with the understanding of the world of the Soul and Spirit, in Man and the Cosmos.


He is a Biographical and Naturopathic Counselor. He holds a degree in Natural Sciences and a doctorate in Educational Sciences, with a thesis in Archetypal Psychology and Evolution.

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My Biography

Mine is a long story that begins with an even longer story, the history of evolution. As a child, in fact, I could not fall asleep without listening to the deeds of the beings who have preceded us on this Earth, figures that I felt closer even than my grandparents.

I° Seven-year Cycle:

Physical Body -☽ Moon

So, my mother, hoping that only five minutes would be enough, would tirelessly tell about the 500 million years of evolution that preceded my fall asleep: the "conquest of the emerged lands" or how the lungfish, from fin to fin shoring, put their paw on the mainland. No toads that became princes for me, but fish that became, so to speak, toads.


So the hours went by, maybe my mother fell asleep before me, I don't remember. I do remember, however, that I developed a sense for the history of things: "Where did it come from? Where does it go?" were my questions, everything that existed in the present day must have had a past existence, someone had called it by name.


Always a bit on the sidelines, I liked to think. I pretended to be an animal for fun, I built my worlds of ideas from nature. To every thing a name, to every name a past. Then I discovered that what I thought could be put on a sheet of paper. A drawing of what is not there, an idea that becomes a sign. And I began to draw, every day, all day. I talked to the paper and made the verse to my drawings, I pretended to be an idea for real.

II° Seven-year Cycle:

Etheric Body - ☿ Mercury

Then came the time of elementary school, when I told my mother "I don't have time for school, I have to do a lot of things". Obviously I had to give up. On the other hand, not long before I had expressly asked that one should never have to grow up to study nature, and when my mother said "natural sciences" I decided that this is what I would do. So, to pass the time, I continued to draw until the end of elementary school. The stunted plays passed, Mother's Day passed, and even more so Father's Day. He passed the fifth grade exam and came the middle school.


The much hated middle school, of the middle age, full of herself and at least as much as she was. Not that I was a rebel, on the contrary, too shy to know what to say, too interested in another world; I risked being flunked. The music teacher had even asked, not without a bit of malice, if I was "normal". So, the fear of staying even longer in those "medium" made me resume, I became "normal" and began my personal evolution. Already in middle school I loved to talk about theology with my Latin repetition teacher, Roberta, who was also a theologian. And it was she who with airy open-mindedness, but not without some warning, advised me the first esoteric readings. I began with alchemy.

III° Seven-year Cycle:

Astral Body - ♀︎Venus

The high school became a land of discoveries, a competition in which only I was there myself to overcome. I liked beautiful things and the sight of beauty inspired me even more to think about beauty: I sought in the aesthetics of nature that romantic ideal of reaching the infinite through knowledge.


I continued in the knowledge of esotericism, to which I added angelology and demonology, with some splashes of theosophy. Then, the moment of choice: at the end of high school the biology teacher, Fausta, told me "Follow your path, do biology" and the Italian teacher, Natalina, followed "Do letters, cultivate writing". I kept the promise I made as a child: Natural Sciences, in Genoa.

IV° Seven-year Cycle:

Sentient Soul -  ☉ Physical Sun

I already felt something was missing. At that time what I knew about natural science was struggling with what I felt as a spiritual necessity. They were fighting while I wanted them to make peace. And so, lost in those high spheres of thought, my world became more and more made up of ideas and less and less of reality, more and more thinking and not doing, so much so that I could no longer draw. I could no longer pass from mind to paper, as if it were nothing. The mild teenager I had just been, had left me interrupted. I didn't know how to do it, I didn't know how to say. Like the caterpillar that becomes immobile chrysalis.


But what is missing returns in a new form if we know how to recognize it. So I met an old professor, his name is Michele Sarà. He studied sponges, those primitive marine animals able to filter the water to obtain imperceptible nourishment, but he did not exhaust himself in this. He studied philosophy and religions for a lifetime, and was full of an immense spirituality. The old professor wanted to get to know me better and invited me to talk, every seven days, about the inner and outer nature of man. The weeks went by and I made myself simple to question myself, I became a sponge for him. I spent three years among the waves of his ideas, metabolizing that nourishment.


It was the individuality that lived in Michele that introduced me to the science of the spirit, thus compensating my natural knowledge with the spiritual one. Michele introduced me to Rudolf Steiner. And he came into my life as a revolution: now I could see natural science burying the hatchet and giving a hand to spiritual science, which, for its part, had stopped fluttering through the heavens and had settled with its feet on the ground! I graduated and he left the physical plane, the ashes scattered in the sea. Like a primordial broth of words, the ideas that came from nature and the spirit, came together and chained together, became verses, poetry. The cascades of poems were followed by short stories and writing experiments: turning random words into history, turning dreams into history.

V° Seven-year Cycle:

Rational Soul - ☉ Soul Sun

I moved to Milan and there I decided to try a new kind of writing: I threw myself into the communication of science, with short essays and writing a novel. I completed it just before leaving to continue my "career" in London. At the height of my dream, I realized that I had transformed myself: the metamorphosis was complete. My old childhood was dead, among its remains, a new child had been born, older, more aware of art and nature, and whose dream is to communicate. Be it poetry, novel or natural science combined with the science of the spirit. In this spirit, Art and Nature celebrated the Chemical Wedding.


I lived again three years in Milan, proceeding in this way the doctorate in Education Sciences, also in the academic field I wanted to unite what lived in my soul, the universal archetypes of man, with what was in the world of Nature, which is the earthly mother of the archetypes themselves. However, I had to find a means that was understood by the academy, to avoid that my message was misunderstood and rejected. Here came Jung's psychology together with evolutionary biology, so that the animic element of human evolution could be combined with the physical element of the evolution of life on Earth. And so it was possible to unite again the soul and the physical aspect. At the end of the thesis I went even further, hinting at what still remained to be united: the spiritual element. So the bud was formed, the corolla with its petals well folded to form the new core of life to come. Still missing was that lance of light that from above could call the petals to unfold in flower...

VI° Seven-year Cycle:

Consciousness Soul -  ☉ Spiritual Sun

When I realized that the academic world could only begin to accept the idea of psychosomatic union of both the world and man, I realized that the path to take to gather the light of the spirit in the flower that I had cultivated up to that moment, was to go out into the world to act. That's when the light began to penetrate the flower, for an act of sacrifice. So it was that several other souls came to meet me, each one offering me his hitherto unexpected gifts: natural cures, Naturopathy, Bach Flowers, Counseling, Pranotherapy came to me through personalities of destiny, who transmitted them to me in a living way. They were modern practices, which had unexpected antecedents in those Philosophers of Nature, wise men and therapists, who tried their hand at the ancient Royal Art of Alchemy, both physical and spiritual.


Here is the metamorphosis that I was waiting for, all the methods that people of today were searching for in order to find their harmony, both exterior and interior, just waiting to be infused with the knowledge that until that moment I had consciously woven into my soul: when the Science of the Spirit meets the Wisdom of Nature, modern practices find their reason in the world of spiritual causes, all in the sharing of consciousness. Thus the natural path of holistic disciplines became a viable path thanks to the compass of Spiritual Science. The holistic disciplines that until then seemed to me useful although incomplete, were now ennobled by the understanding of Anthroposophy. It was then that I recognized the flower that I had so delicately cultivated up to that moment, against all contrary forces, be they the storm or the earthquake.