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Anti-elementals: the Post-Atomic Era and the Coming of the “Aliens”


Arild Rosenkrantz “Four Horsemen of Apocalypse” (1952)

This post is based on Andrea Franco’s article “The Occult War, UFOs and the Eighth Sphere” published in issue 2 of the magazine “Anthroposophy” in 2003. Moreover, in this regard you can read a related article by the antroposopher and friend Tiziano Bellucci: “Extraterrestrials, aliens, UFOs, crop circles: testimonies of other worlds?”.

The unexplained facts treated by ufology are etheric-physical phenomena that manifest themselves in the Earth’s atmosphere. Light clouds, globular lightning, spheres of light are “strange meteorological phenomena” often associated with UFOs but which are part of the activity of elementary spirits. The ominous character that such manifestations assume in the human soul is due to the formation of the so-called Eighth Sphere.

Le metamorfosi della Terra e l'Ottava Sfera.

The metamorphosis of the Earth and the Eighth Sphere.

The Eighth Sphere is located in the orbit described by the Moon, and has as its center the center of the Earth. This sphere is located at the boundary between the etheric region of the physical world and the so-called subnature, the spheres contained within the Earth’s crust. This space, which we could call anti-etheric, is dominated by the powers of the obstacle, especially Lucifer and Ahriman. Their influence, in fact, aims to make man’s actions fall out of the mediating and reparative action of Christ, so that matter is not penetrated by the principle of the ego (and therefore spiritualized) but falls either within selfish forces (Lucifer) or nihilistic forces (Ahriman).

Lo spazio dell'Ottava Sfera.

The space of the Eighth Sphere

Thus the atoms of matter find themselves instead of imbued with a christified ether, an anti-ether, an ether that has fallen into the anti-Christic forces. Progressively, egoism and materialism, increase the strength and richness of this Eighth Sphere, which therefore represents a parallel and alternative metamorphosis to the fourth metamorphosis of the Earth itself (the present one, in the second half of the Earth-Mercury). These forces of the obstacle are especially centralized in the interior of the Earth, in the Underworld of classical culture, where they grow in degree and intensity as we approach the center of the Earth, the Heart where the I of Christ, who has become the Spirit of the Earth, dwells.

The link between UFOs, aliens and the spiritual atmosphere of the Cold War is undeniable: the USA has just dropped two nuclear bombs to bend Japan to surrender. With the strength of victory, America imposes its capitalist ideology with the supremacy of war. The more culturally conquered the “liberated” countries, the more it fears an attack by its polar opposite, Russia with its communist ideology. They thus challenge each other with technological innovation, aimed at the domination of air space and steel space, culminating in the race to “conquer the Moon”. This is how the first UFOs appeared in the world’s skies. It is no coincidence that “UFO mania” has manifested itself more intensely in America and Russia.

The scientific-spiritual explanation of UFOs and aliens resides in the nature of the terrestrial ether, shaken already by the Holocaust carried out on the altar of Nazi Ariosophy (therefore a ritual of black magic on a global scale) and subsequently upset by the outbreak of the terrible nuclear force, with consequent destruction of human civilization and nature (the terrestrial ether is the same etheric world in which Christ should have manifested Himself in a growing number of people during the ’30s, roughly in the same years of the Nazi Holocaust). UFOs and aliens are the consequence of the use of nuclear force, whose subnatural power comes from the decay of the ether of life.

The ether of life is guarded by the Gnomes, the elementals of the earth, who infuse it into the atoms of which the matter is composed. But the evolution of these elementals depends on human actions: if man acts according to the will of the spirits of the obstacle, the elementals decay into their opposite, remaining bound not to the etheric sphere of the Future Jupiter, but to the anti-ether of the Eighth Sphere. We can therefore imagine what happened to the Gnomes when the first nuclear bombs exploded: they turned into irregular elementals, prisoners of the forces of the obstacle (in this case ahrimanic and perhaps asuric). Their nature must have changed completely, since they too possess germs of the three inferior bodies (physical, etheric and astral body and the Salamanders even a trace of the I), but none of them possess a spirit, which instead is provided to them precisely by the christified human I.

La natura degli elementali.

The nature of the elementals.

Only the benevolent actions of human beings make the elementals evolve, on their part the elemental beings are waiting for the human being to understand and help them. They are listening. For they originate as a creation of the Spiritual Hierarchies, given to the elements of the Earth so that they remain vital: we human beings are thus directly responsible for the well-being of creation and its evolution. If the elementals do not evolve towards the stage of nature’s kingdoms (plant, animal and mineral), Nature as a whole does not evolve and this is the cause of human beings’ behaviour. Elementals are beings waiting to become human beings.

Obviously in the explosion must have been involved also all the other elementals such as Ondine (water spirits, they garrison the ether of sound), Sylphids (air spirits, they garrison the ether of light) and finally Salamanders (fire spirits, they garrison the ether of heat), also decayed into anti-elementals and relative anti-ethers of the Eighth Sphere. This decayed version of the elementals is described by Rudolf Steiner, and their involution depends on the use that the human being makes of the three powers of the soul: the “Fools”, that is the Gnomes deprived of the truth because of the decadence of human thinking; the “Ugly”, which are waves and sylphs deprived of beauty because of the decadence of human feeling; finally the “Shy”, are Salamanders deprived of goodness because of the decadence of human will. Already from their names it is possible to understand how these elementals are far from being creatures capable of operating evolutionarily. These deviant elementals are also present in polluted natural areas, irresponsibly contaminated by garbage, chemicals or radiation. Their origin lies in the various declensions of red and black magic, in selfishness and materialism, be it magical or technological and scientific.

The characteristic of such anti-elementals is that they become “less human” or in another word “aliens”. Whether they are animalized (such as the famous “reptilians”) or made similar to skulls (the “grays”), or as “Aryan men”, aliens are in fact degenerate forms of the elementals whose appearance is generally humanoid. Famous are the “little green men”, whose name, originally associated with goblins (earth and house spirits), is now associated with an “alien race”. They can also take the appearance of “beings of light” or even angelic forms. Being essentially etheric-astral forms, it is possible for them to change their form of apparition, which will largely depend on the content of the astral body of the “close encounter witness”, since such “alien visits” are ultimately due to extemporaneous phenomena of clairvoyance and astral travel, whether during waking or sleeping. Their apparent physicality is completely hallucinatory. Sometimes these elementals are even able to leave contributions, such as the so-called “implants” or temporal manifestations at the boundary between etheric and physical. The “alien abduction” is the culmination of this interaction between human being and anti-elementary, in which the supposed alien studies the human being to understand its functioning: what is this if not a way, though deviated, of trying to have a relationship with human beings again?

All this, then, to say that “aliens” exist but they are not really “alien” beings, but elementary “alienated” beings. In ancient times, when there was still a clairvoyant vision, until the 17th century, there would have been no talk of “aliens”, but of elementary beings and demons, in case they were harassing. The way that ufology has to understand such beings, instead, oscillates between being completely materialistic, when the UFO phenomenon is interpreted in a “scientific”, or spiritualistic sense, as in the case of religious ufology and channeling with “beings of light”.

Anthroposophy, in the particular form of biodynamic agriculture, is the most practical and at the same time conscious form of relationship with these elementary beings who benefit from agricultural practices in accordance with planetary movements and love for the Earth, the body of Christ. A deeper relationship, which takes into account the spiritual being of the Earth, would certainly bring back a balance in our relationship with the elementary beings, so that we can redeem these “aliens” and bring them back to their legitimate sphere of existence.

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