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August 15 – Assumption of Mary – Mid-August


Sandro Parise

Today is the day of Mary’s Assumption into Heaven, the day of Sirius’ heliacal elevation. Mary is the earthly incarnation of Sophia, mother and sister of Christ, through the Holy Fire of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost. She is the crossroads between Soul and Spirit.

The imagination of Mary who is assumed into Heaven points to a future condition of humanity, when the present Earth will become the Future Jupiter. The soul of man and the soul of the Earth, the Anima Mundi, are one. Just as Christ enters Jesus at Baptism in the Jordan, so Mary becomes one with the Mother of Christ, Sophia. Just as Christ restores the phantom of man in Jesus of Nazareth in the Body of Resurrection, so Sofia restores the original heavenly soul of man in Mary, that is, just as Eve was before eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Assumption is then in the future condition of the Future Jupiter, representing those human souls that will transcend their present earthly condition: Mary Sophia appears in the Apocalypse as the Woman Dressed in the Sun, who places the Snake-Lucifer under her feet, having the Moon under her feet, the Sun in her lap and her head adorned with 12 Stars. This is the human soul that after the Expulsion from Paradise is restored to what the creative hierarchies had given him in the Ancient Moon, Ancient Sun and Ancient Saturn.

Once in the metamorphosis of the Future Jupiter Mary Sophia will have succeeded in restoring the balance between the human soul and the Snake, the Tempter, so that the Latin greeting “Ave Maria” is the reversal of the name “Eve”. “Ave Mary Sophia”, she is the one who was tempted first and therefore she must also place the head of the Snake-Lucifer under her foot. The Sun she carries in her womb is the Christ born in man. The Crown of 12 Stars is the reconciliation with the 12 points of view of the Zodiac, which are the limits of all cosmic evolution from Ancient Saturn to the Future Volcano.

For the ancient Egyptians it was the elevation of Sothis-Isis before the rising of the Sun, Osiris her husband. The earthly counterpart of the goddess, Hathor, made the earth fertile for the following year through the silt given by the floods of the Nile. The silt is the black earth, the land of Khem, the raw material of Egypt itself, from which the alchemical transmutations that lead to the Philosopher’s Gold are made.

The Greater Dog is Anubis, who rising from the underworld brings with him the heat of August. The dog as an animal conductor of human souls, sacred to Thoth-Hermes. The Egyptian Mysteries were celebrated in the pyramids precisely in the days of the heliacal elevation of Sothis: the light of the star penetrated the sacred recesses of the Temple, while the god of the Dead led the soul of the disciple beyond the Threshold. For three and a half days he remained in this mystical death, from which he emerged as initiated, becoming part of the priestly caste.

For the Celts in this period acted the god Lug, who with his spear penetrated the wheat fields changing them from green to gold, i.e. bringing the grain to maturity. The Spear of Light of Lug became the Spear of Longinus, the Spear of Destiny, which took in itself the etherized blood of Christ, Lord of Karma. It prepares to infuse its light into the Grail of the human soul.

During this period, meteoric swarms cross the sky, traditionally on the Night of St. Lawrence. The iron contained therein is homeopathicized by the Earth’s atmosphere and prepares the human soul to face the trials it will face in the coming autumn and winter. The soul is purified in view of the birth within its womb of the Divine Child.

So if Mary Sophia rises to Heaven to open herself to the Cosmos, spreading her wisdom, Michael descends into the Earth’s atmosphere to help man with his sword! This is what is shown in the 5th and 6th Apocalyptic Seals: first the Woman Dressed in the Sun crushing the Serpent and then Michael chaining the Dragon.

Michael who takes in his hand the sidereal iron of Mars and forges it into a shining sword: through the blade he infuses his cosmic thinking and with his will he chases back the Arymanic spirits that rise with their sulphurous scents from the depths of the sixth lower layer of the Earth, the Igneous Earth. Fire and darkness ascend, they wish to possess the human will by dragging it into the bowels of the Earth, materializing thought in gestures of great power. Michael sends them back from whence they came, so that our thinking may be free to join the will, without the weight of matter.

With these powerful imaginations, we expand our soul in Sophia and with the Ego we affix the Michelian sword so that our thinking is concretized in spiritual action!

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