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Book – Anthroposophical Biography Work and Biography Counseling

Updated: Jan 20, 2022


“Man, know yourself and become what you are!”

We are spirits having a human experience. Only the spirit finds the meaning of things, of people, the meaning of his own life on Earth. If you want to know yourself, seek in the world; if you want to know the world, seek in yourself. Only when body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony with Nature and the Cosmos, does man find his ego. All this is possible through the division of biography into seven years and the recognition of the archetypes and the forces that act there.

The Spiritual Science helps us to understand our potential, to make conscious choices, to guide us on the path of spiritual evolution.

Where do I come from?

Who am I?

Where am I going?

From the encounter between understanding the biography of Anthroposophy and Counseling comes Biographical Counseling or Psychosophy. Counseling is born from the individual’s need to make choices, supported by an understanding person who can give him/her support as well as show him/her other possible points of view. Anthroposophy helps us to understand our potential, to make conscious choices, to guide us on the path of spiritual evolution. When we combine Anthroposophy with Counseling, we obtain a broad approach able to understand the whole panorama of the individual’s life in all its dimensions: physical, animic (psychic) and spiritual. This is why Psychosophy stands as a personal as well as transpersonal, material and spiritual understanding of man’s life journey, recognizing both its individual and universal value. Through Biographical Counseling you can discover your individual answer to the fundamental questions of man.


  1. Introduction

  2. Anthroposophical Counseling

  3. Associated methods

  4. The biographical interview

  5. The descent of the soul

  6. Relationship between Soul and I

  7. The battle of the soul

  8. Thinking, feeling and wanting

  9. The practice

  10. Complementary or Basic Exercises?

  11. Luciferic and Arimanic Risk

  12. Awakening in the Spirit

  13. The 6 Fundamental Exercises

  14. The Meditation of the Rose+Cross

  15. Imagination of the Rose+Cross

  16. The practice of devotion

  17. The hidden constitution of man

  18. The 4 Temperaments

  19. Dualism

  20. The Double or Shadow

  21. The Guardian and the Guardian Angel

  22. The Hidden Constitution of the Double

  23. The Duality of the Double

  24. The Double Ahrimanic

  25. The Little Guardian of the Threshold

  26. The Three Beasts

  27. The Center of Destruction

  28. The Redemption of the Guardian of the Threshold

  29. Love and Karma

  30. Cosmic and individual summary

  31. The 9 Seven Years

  32. The 7 Ineffable Secrets

  33. Christmas Theme

  34. The Age of Pisces and Michael’s Epoch

  35. Reincarnation

  36. Anthroposophical interpretation of Dreams

  37. The fundamental riddles

The book Anthroposophical Biography and Biography Counseling is available in ebook format in all digital stores: Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBooks Store,, Mondadori Store, and many others…

The author:

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher of Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. He has a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Educational Sciences, with a thesis in Archetypal Psychology and Evolution.

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