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Easter of Cognitive Resurrection


Sandro Parise

Natural science today goes so far as to affirm that the Earth is a living organism, whose organs are composed of ecosystems, which together constitute systems of ecosystems capable of self-regulating by means of dynamic equilibrium processes that we know from ecology.

The Earth is composed of spheres which are made up of elements and energy:

  1. The geosphere is the foundation of solid rock, the earth’s element on Earth. The natural science that studies the earth of the Earth is geology.

  2. The hydrosphere, the whole of sea and fresh water, constitutes the water element of the Earth. The natural science that studies the Earth’s water is hydrology.

  3. The atmosphere, the set of gases that make up the air we breathe, are the air element of the Earth. The natural science that studies the Earth’s air is meteorology.

  4. The pyrosphere, the internal fire in the bowels of the planet, is the fire element of the Earth, also studied by geology in the sense of the planet’s core.

The elements of the Earth are maintained in constant transformation and motion by the Sun, which provides energy for all Earth’s ecosystems.

The cycle of the elements and the flow of energy are the basis from which the ecosystems are constituted by the sphere of life, the biosphere, the set of living organisms studied by biology:

  1. The soil is where the biosphere transforms the Earth in a living way into the organisms themselves, so that the minerals become part of the microorganisms in the soil. Microbiology is the natural science that studies this microscopic dimension of life.

  2. Vegetation is where the plant biosphere through photosynthesis transforms sunlight into oxygen, the basis of respiration, and sugar, the basis of energy for organisms. Botany is the natural science that studies the organisms that make photosynthesis.

  3. Animals enter the food chain, eating, as a whole, any organic material, mixing it, metabolizing it and transporting it to the surface of the earth, in the abyssal depths and the heights of the atmosphere. Zoology is the natural science of air-breathing organisms.

  4. Man is the one who thinks in nature, creating a further sphere called the noosphere, in which ideas live as real organisms that have their own ecology of the mind. Psychology is the human science that studies the psyche, the soul.

We have therefore come so far by means of natural science alone.

If, therefore, we now continue on the path of knowledge given by the science of the spirit, we come to understand that:

  1. The Mineral Kingdom is the physical body of the Earth and therefore of Christ.

  2. The Vegetable Kingdom is the etheric body of the Earth and therefore of Christ.

  3. The Animal Kingdom is the astral body of the Earth and therefore of Christ.

  4. Humanity is the Ego of the Earth and therefore, as a whole, Christ is the Ego of humanity as well as the Spirit of the Earth.

When we are going to observe Nature in a scientific-spiritual sense we are called to take into account that Nature is the triple garment of Christ: physical, etheric and astral. This is why the ancient wisdom of the Druids flowed into Celtic Christianity, calling Christ the Solar Spirit and Lord of the Elements.

In the garb of the Etheric Christ in the Astral World, he is close to those who suffer, the elemental beings, whose suffering is due to being completely forgotten by man. Man with his materialistic thought approaches Nature as if it were his own possession that he could exploit to the point of destroying the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.

Easter has meant a passage of consciousness from a state of slavery to one of freedom. The Jewish Passover is the passage between the imprisonment of the now decadent Egyptian world and the freedom that will lead the chosen people to the events around the birth of Jesus. The Christian Passover is the passage between the imprisonment of the physical body decayed from its heavenly condition to the new existence as a resurrection body in the etheric forces.

Materialistic thought is a spell, similar to that of Ammon’s priests who wanted to impose the ancient ram-headed god on the new and yet eternal solar god who gathered all the other gods, Aton. Moses leads the chosen people out of Egypt to find the promised land, the restoration of the Edenic state: with his act of liberation he allows to move events towards the descent of the I Christ within Jesus of Nazareth who will be born, generation after generation, to lead the body of man out of the captivity of the hinderers Lucifer and Ahriman. Lucifer who had corrupted the human senses from within, from the astral body, with selfish lust and Ahriman who had obscured the senses from outside, making the etheric light decay into physical light and therefore into darkness, atomic matter. This is how materialistic thought, as a result of selfishness and materialism, precludes the possibility of consciously accessing a new paradisiacal consciousness in full freedom, a possibility that the ego Christ opened to all humanity: “I make all things new! (Revelation 21:5)

Materialistic thought limited to the icy intellect of weight, number and measure, the Realm of Quantity, does not dare to penetrate into the Realm of Quality, into the living component of natural systems. In so doing it forgets that Nature is waiting for our awakening to Christ as the Ego of the Earth:

In fact, we know well that all Creation groans and suffers until today in the labor pains of childbirth; it is not the only one, but also we, who possess the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly waiting for the adoption to Sons, the redemption of our body. – Paul, Romans 8:22-23

If we can know Nature and by doing this, recognize ourselves in it, it is because Christ penetrates it. It is in Nature that we must look for the Countenance of Christ who, by resounding in the Ego of man, between the heights of thought on the Mount of the Skull and the depths of our heart in the Holy Sepulchre, allows us to be truly ourselves, self-conscious.

“He whom you seek is not here!” (Luke 24:6) said the Angels to the pious women, for he whom we seek is no longer confined in a single physical body, he is now in the atmosphere of the whole Earth. But only when man recognizes himself through Christ is he truly risen. Every time Christ rises again in a man’s heart, he also rises again in his consciousness of Nature and the Earth.

It is only when we die in the tomb of materialistic thought that we can rise to a new life of thought: a pure thought that is independent of the physical senses, a living thought that weaves in the becoming of life, a cosmic thought that unites the heights with the depths. Yes, death lives in Christ. Yes, thus We shall be able to resurrect every branch of natural science by means of the science of the spirit, sublimating the old-logy to the new-sophia. Only in this way will the ego begin to live in the forces of the conscious soul, preparing itself for the spiritualization of the astral body in the Spiritual Self.

Thus, just as anthroposophy is not only “wisdom of man”, but is above all “consciousness of one’s own humanity”, then we shall have that all natural science becomes conscious of itself in all its branches:

  1. Geology becomes geosophy: the wisdom of the Earth, which is consciousness of the physical body of Christ.

  2. Biology becomes biosophy: the wisdom of Life, which is consciousness of the Earth’s life as a living organism. And this becomes phytosophy, the consciousness of plants, and zoosophy, the consciousness of animals.

  3. Ecology becomes ecosophy: the wisdom of the House, which is consciousness of the relationships between living beings incarnated in the physical and spiritual beings.

  4. Psychology becomes psychosophy: the consciousness of the soul of man.

  5. And finally pneumatosophy: the consciousness of man’s spirit.

The spirit that penetrates all human knowledge celebrating in intimate emotion the resurrection of cognition to consciousness. Christ is the I Am which first of all shows itself as action in the world, the Mystery of Golgotha, then takes on the guise of religion, Christianity, which inspires sacred art in its many forms and finally reveals itself as a science of the spirit, a science of the Holy Spirit. Here, this is a thought from the Easter of Resurrection.

May it be a cognitive resurrection in thought daring to know itself!

May it be a cognitive resurrection in thought capable of interpenetrating life!

May it be a cognitive resurrection in thought spreading its wings all over the cosmos!

Happy Easter of Cognitive Resurrection!

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