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July 22 – Saint Mary Magdalene


Dante Gabriel Rossetti “Damsel of the Sanct Greal” (1874)

Today we celebrate St. Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene has returned powerfully into the collective imagination, despite the materialistic destruction operated by the “royal bloodline” current, which became famous with the Da Vinci Code.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that Mary Magdalene is the first of the Three Marys to announce the coming of Sophia among men, she represents the forces of the sentient soul of humanity. Archetype of the female priesthood, knowing the initiatory secret of the first Gnostics by means of a kiss.

She is the bearer of the Grail, the soul of the man who welcomes Christ, and of the forces of the redeemed Lucifer, the Lucibel of the Cathars. He, in the form of a dove, hovers above the Grail.

All Occitan France, as far as Liguria, remembers and venerates Magdalene as Saint and Hermit, at the center of the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, and also appears in the Tarot de Marseille as the mediatrix. She crossed the Mediterranean, bringing with her wisdom from Egypt. She is the Black Madonna, Isis whose face is the fertile silt of the Nile.

Magdalene is the one who first returns to bring the Good News, the promise of the Easter of Resurrection. In our Fifth Post-Atlantic Era, it means progressively discovering the consciousness that resides in man, the Anthropos-Sophia.

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