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Libro – Naturosofia: La Naturopatia Antroposofica


“Look at the man, he’s a little cosmos. Look at the Cosmos, it’s a huge man!”

For Anthroposophic Naturopathy the body of man is not a machine, it is a miniature Cosmo. The vital forces that pervade our body are the expression of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms that make up Nature. Every imbalance in our body is therefore the expression of a natural need.

From the encounter between the understanding of the Nature of Anthroposophy and Naturopathy comes Anthroposophical Naturopathy or Naturosophie. According to our approach the human body is not a machine, it is a miniature Cosmos. The vital forces that pervade our body are the expression of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms that make up Nature so that every altered condition in the body is an expression of natural need: so “naturopathy” means both “the path of nature”, in English Nature’s Path, and in Greek “to feel yourself together with Nature”. Only by resonating among souls can we find the solution: the cure is given by the soul of the naturopath to the soul of the patient through the Wisdom of Nature.

The cause of disharmony arises first on the soul plane and then descends as an effect on the material plane. Physical disharmony is the message that the spiritual world sends out for the consciousness to understand. Materialistic science has not understood that the state of disharmony does not depend on the effects of disharmony but on the animic and spiritual causes that have generated it. By suppressing the symptoms, the animic-spiritual cause is suppressed, thus making it increasingly difficult to attain harmony. The more we fear what is wrong in our soul, the more disharmony possesses us. Anthroposophical Naturopathy, taking into account both the physical and spiritual aspects, is capable of understanding the human being in his totality, in his individual biographical evolution, taking into account both the necessity of destiny, karma, and the possibility of freedom.


  1. Principles of Anthroposophy

  2. The I Am, vertical center

  3. A Science of the Spirit

  4. The recapitulation

  5. Return to the original harmony

  6. The evolution of the Earth and man

  7. The occult constitution of man

  8. The 4 Temperaments

  9. Anthroposophical Medicine

  10. Naturosophy

  11. Wet and Dry Way

  12. Threefold human body

  13. Lucifer and Arimane

  14. The study of biography

  15. The Astral Chart

  16. The Age of Pisces and Michael’s Epoch

  17. The biographical interview

  18. Reincarnation

  19. The Interview

  20. Remedies and subtle bodies

  21. Nutrition

The book Naturosofia: Anthroposophical Naturopathy is available in ebook format in all digital stores: Amazon KindleStore, Apple iBooks Store,, Mondadori Store, and many more…

The author

Giorgio Tarditi Spagnoli PhD is a free researcher of Spiritual Science, Anthroposophy founded by Rudolf Steiner. He has a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Educational Sciences, with a thesis in Archetypal Psychology and Evolution.

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