Spiritual-scientific aspects of the Coronavirus


Johfra, The Woman Clothed in the Sun and the Dragon of Apocalypse 

Nature and the human I am

Originally the archetype of man, the Adam Kadmon, was one with the archetype of Nature, since it originated from the progressive expulsion of the components that had to make themselves objective in the process of evolution of man’s ego. After the Expulsion from Paradise, the archetype of man is corrupted and so, by reflection, that of Nature: the luciferic power corrupts the astral from the inside, in the soul of man, the arimanic power corrupts the etheric from the outside, in Nature, obscuring it in matter. Therefore, Christ comes to perform actions that are both interior and exterior: the interior action redeems the temptation of Lucifer in the astral of man, the exterior action redeems the temptation of Ahriman in the etheric of the Earth. Just as the archetype of man, the phantom of the Ancient Saturn, is restored in the Body of Resurrection, so the Earth itself, receiving the cosmic ego of Christ, which from Solar Spirit becomes Spirit of the Earth, is placed on the path of Resurrection. Christ Himself rises and manifests Himself in the etheric body, as the Eternal Christ.

Now, we must not confuse the immorality of religious bigotry with that of the Ego, these are totally different, in fact religious dualism does not find the principle of Christ:

  1. The good of religion is Lucifer.

  2. The evil of religion is Ahriman.

In particular, if Ahriman is lacking in morality, chasing only power, religious moralism comes instead from Lucifer. The morality of the Ego, and therefore of Christ, consists in fact of “free action of love”, that is of the balance in self-consciousness which can even appear as evil in the eyes of those who have not yet awakened their consciousness of the Ego. Christ, as the presence of the Son, comes from Eternity, and therefore beyond all dualism, beyond the good and evil that we are used to judging.

Evil brings out of time and space something already existing and suitable elsewhere and otherwise. Just as there is a “moral fantasy”, there is also an “immoral fantasy”, which transports good out of time and space. However, man, through the obstacle offered by evil and its overcoming, can develop forces of freedom and love which, in the absence of evil, he could never have developed. In the divine plan, therefore, evil sacrifices itself so that a higher good may arise which before the onset of evil did not exist at all. This, for example, is the secret of the Mystery of Betrayal accomplished by Judas for 30 silver denarii, allowing the accomplishment of the Mystery of Golgotha.

According to the science of the spirit, the origin of viruses occurs through immoral actions of man against Nature. These are actions which man carries out and which are contrary to his own ego, that is, against the equilibrium of which the ego is the bearer, which is also love, even for Nature. Man in his spiritual mission is called to awaken in the consciousness of the Ego through Michael in thought and Christ in feeling, that is, to go from living thought to thinking of the heart. Cosmic thinking thinks about the whole in the part, that is, about the macrocosm in the microcosm and how these are the image of each other. In this cosmic economy of thoughts, there is no part which does not play a role in the whole. Michael, as the bearer of cosmic thought, is the prince of Spiritual Ecology. In this passage man encounters Sophia as the consciousness of thought itself. Well, Sophia is the Soul of the World awakened, Mother Nature resurrected, who is resurrected through the Ego of man who makes herself the bearer of Michael’s living cosmic thoughts. In other words, man, through the Ego, resurrects Nature, Mother Sophia, in the Ego itself.

Every time man acts in Christ, he penetrates the Nature of the principle of the ego. The Etheric Christ is in fact interwoven with the elementary beings who inhabit the etheric world. Whenever we succeed in interpenetrating Nature and its Mineral, Vegetal and Animal Realms with the consciousness of the Ego, Nature is restored to its paradisiacal condition, together with the elementals who are saved from decay and dissolution by the consciousness of man. Therefore, contemplating Nature by means of the sacredness that the Ego confers on all existence, from everyday life to the limit of the cosmos, allows Nature itself and its beings to evolve towards man, that is, to become part of Adam Kadmon who is reforming himself until the next planetary incarnation of the Earth itself, the Future Jupiter. In this process also pathogenic bacteria and viruses, formed by detachment from a larger organic whole, will become part of this whole again, becoming integrated into Nature and then into the cosmic man who will be formed.

As evil comes from good and to good will return, so viruses come from organisms and to organisms will return. In essence, just as evil opposes good in order to be redeemed, so the parasite returns to the host organism in order to enter into symbiosis with it. From this observation of the balance that exists in both the spiritual world and the natural world, which is the image of the spiritual world, we can affirm that man has the task of redeeming evil and overcoming disease. Man’s task of redeeming evil must be fulfilled in particular towards the ahrimanic spirits, the spirits of materialism, so that they are reintegrated and become co-workers of spiritual evolution by giving their power for the realization of the spirit’s purposes – in the same way man has the task of integrating what at first appears as illness and then once overcome becomes a new inner strength of the soul that had not yet been conquered. This is the esoteric reason why every infectious disease over time appears, has a peak and then begins to lose strength, tending to become less dangerous and less widespread, even to disappear.

The origin of viruses

There is much confusion about the origin of viruses in the scientific-spiritual sphere. This is due to statements by Dr. Thomas Cowan. To me and several other friends who study spiritual science it seemed strange not to have read it before in other contexts, nor in the various articles and commentaries on the current situation by the Anthroposophical Society, however, you never know, since obviously Steiner’s work is very extensive. Despite much research, in fact, we have not been able to find the quoted quote. Despite the possible link between epidemics and electromagnetic waves, as they weaken the immune system, the idea that “electromagnetism intoxicates cells and induces the formation of viruses from the inside” is not Steiner’s and seems functional in denying that viruses can be transmitted from individual to individual. Instead, there are quotations about the progressive electrification of the atmosphere and the difficulty of “remaining human”; as well as quotations about how bacilli become pathogenic parasites in an organism with unbalanced ground – but they are separate quotations.

Exosomes have been observed for cellular mechanisms of substance secretion. This is the proposed mechanism for the original genesis of viruses, but has never been observed in vivo. Dr. Cowan argues that Steiner w