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Spiritual-scientific aspects of the Coronavirus


Johfra, The Woman Clothed in the Sun and the Dragon of Apocalypse 

Nature and the human I am

Originally the archetype of man, the Adam Kadmon, was one with the archetype of Nature, since it originated from the progressive expulsion of the components that had to make themselves objective in the process of evolution of man’s ego. After the Expulsion from Paradise, the archetype of man is corrupted and so, by reflection, that of Nature: the luciferic power corrupts the astral from the inside, in the soul of man, the arimanic power corrupts the etheric from the outside, in Nature, obscuring it in matter. Therefore, Christ comes to perform actions that are both interior and exterior: the interior action redeems the temptation of Lucifer in the astral of man, the exterior action redeems the temptation of Ahriman in the etheric of the Earth. Just as the archetype of man, the phantom of the Ancient Saturn, is restored in the Body of Resurrection, so the Earth itself, receiving the cosmic ego of Christ, which from Solar Spirit becomes Spirit of the Earth, is placed on the path of Resurrection. Christ Himself rises and manifests Himself in the etheric body, as the Eternal Christ.

Now, we must not confuse the immorality of religious bigotry with that of the Ego, these are totally different, in fact religious dualism does not find the principle of Christ:

  1. The good of religion is Lucifer.

  2. The evil of religion is Ahriman.

In particular, if Ahriman is lacking in morality, chasing only power, religious moralism comes instead from Lucifer. The morality of the Ego, and therefore of Christ, consists in fact of “free action of love”, that is of the balance in self-consciousness which can even appear as evil in the eyes of those who have not yet awakened their consciousness of the Ego. Christ, as the presence of the Son, comes from Eternity, and therefore beyond all dualism, beyond the good and evil that we are used to judging.

Evil brings out of time and space something already existing and suitable elsewhere and otherwise. Just as there is a “moral fantasy”, there is also an “immoral fantasy”, which transports good out of time and space. However, man, through the obstacle offered by evil and its overcoming, can develop forces of freedom and love which, in the absence of evil, he could never have developed. In the divine plan, therefore, evil sacrifices itself so that a higher good may arise which before the onset of evil did not exist at all. This, for example, is the secret of the Mystery of Betrayal accomplished by Judas for 30 silver denarii, allowing the accomplishment of the Mystery of Golgotha.

According to the science of the spirit, the origin of viruses occurs through immoral actions of man against Nature. These are actions which man carries out and which are contrary to his own ego, that is, against the equilibrium of which the ego is the bearer, which is also love, even for Nature. Man in his spiritual mission is called to awaken in the consciousness of the Ego through Michael in thought and Christ in feeling, that is, to go from living thought to thinking of the heart. Cosmic thinking thinks about the whole in the part, that is, about the macrocosm in the microcosm and how these are the image of each other. In this cosmic economy of thoughts, there is no part which does not play a role in the whole. Michael, as the bearer of cosmic thought, is the prince of Spiritual Ecology. In this passage man encounters Sophia as the consciousness of thought itself. Well, Sophia is the Soul of the World awakened, Mother Nature resurrected, who is resurrected through the Ego of man who makes herself the bearer of Michael’s living cosmic thoughts. In other words, man, through the Ego, resurrects Nature, Mother Sophia, in the Ego itself.

Every time man acts in Christ, he penetrates the Nature of the principle of the ego. The Etheric Christ is in fact interwoven with the elementary beings who inhabit the etheric world. Whenever we succeed in interpenetrating Nature and its Mineral, Vegetal and Animal Realms with the consciousness of the Ego, Nature is restored to its paradisiacal condition, together with the elementals who are saved from decay and dissolution by the consciousness of man. Therefore, contemplating Nature by means of the sacredness that the Ego confers on all existence, from everyday life to the limit of the cosmos, allows Nature itself and its beings to evolve towards man, that is, to become part of Adam Kadmon who is reforming himself until the next planetary incarnation of the Earth itself, the Future Jupiter. In this process also pathogenic bacteria and viruses, formed by detachment from a larger organic whole, will become part of this whole again, becoming integrated into Nature and then into the cosmic man who will be formed.

As evil comes from good and to good will return, so viruses come from organisms and to organisms will return. In essence, just as evil opposes good in order to be redeemed, so the parasite returns to the host organism in order to enter into symbiosis with it. From this observation of the balance that exists in both the spiritual world and the natural world, which is the image of the spiritual world, we can affirm that man has the task of redeeming evil and overcoming disease. Man’s task of redeeming evil must be fulfilled in particular towards the ahrimanic spirits, the spirits of materialism, so that they are reintegrated and become co-workers of spiritual evolution by giving their power for the realization of the spirit’s purposes – in the same way man has the task of integrating what at first appears as illness and then once overcome becomes a new inner strength of the soul that had not yet been conquered. This is the esoteric reason why every infectious disease over time appears, has a peak and then begins to lose strength, tending to become less dangerous and less widespread, even to disappear.

The origin of viruses

There is much confusion about the origin of viruses in the scientific-spiritual sphere. This is due to statements by Dr. Thomas Cowan. To me and several other friends who study spiritual science it seemed strange not to have read it before in other contexts, nor in the various articles and commentaries on the current situation by the Anthroposophical Society, however, you never know, since obviously Steiner’s work is very extensive. Despite much research, in fact, we have not been able to find the quoted quote. Despite the possible link between epidemics and electromagnetic waves, as they weaken the immune system, the idea that “electromagnetism intoxicates cells and induces the formation of viruses from the inside” is not Steiner’s and seems functional in denying that viruses can be transmitted from individual to individual. Instead, there are quotations about the progressive electrification of the atmosphere and the difficulty of “remaining human”; as well as quotations about how bacilli become pathogenic parasites in an organism with unbalanced ground – but they are separate quotations.

Exosomes have been observed for cellular mechanisms of substance secretion. This is the proposed mechanism for the original genesis of viruses, but has never been observed in vivo. Dr. Cowan argues that Steiner would claim that the extrusion process from the cell by exosomes would take place every time a virus originates, but this has never been observed and if it did, it would in fact be impossible to trace the phylogeny of a virus as it is possible to do. If viruses are generated from the cell by extrusion of exosomes we should admit that the Coronavirus DNA is already present as it is in the RNA of the cell (the Coronavirus in fact has no DNA), as well as all other viruses that we can manifest but this would also mean that the RNA of the Virus should look more like humans and not other Coronavirus and so it is not.

The origin by extrusion in exosomes, instead, is in fact what happened in a very remote era when viruses originated from cellular types that still parasite today, this idea is also admitted by natural science. So viruses are parts of the genome of cells, which they must return to in order to reproduce. The virus in fact exploits the cellular mechanisms for its reproduction because it is an obligatory parasite. All beings that share the cellular type from which they originate can be hosts of the virus. This without considering the mutations that obviously allow the virus to adapt and “species jump”. The mutations do not concern the whole RNA of the virus but only a fraction of it that is the one that mutates and allows it to adapt to new species. But as long as they possess the primitive cellular type, i.e. lung tissue. The theory on the origin wants that the viruses have originated when the cellular types that are able to parasitise primitively have originated. So the correct evolutionary question would be: when did the primitive cellular tissue of all animals that possess the primitive type Coronavirus originate first?

Since the Coronavirus genus also parasites reptiles, as well as mammals and birds, it must be admitted that this virus originated from the detachment of parts of the genome of an organism in exosomes at the time of the common progenitor of all species parasitized by the primitive Coronavirus. So we would talk about 251 million years ago, in the Mesozoic era when reptiles were differentiated according to natural science. In scientific-spiritual terms this brings us to the Lemuric Era, when man expelled reptiles from himself.

The virus is a lifeless being but nevertheless capable of replication, it is suspended between the mineral and the living cell, therefore it derives from the primordial forces of the physical and the Mysteries of the Will of the Thrones of the Ancient Saturn – the mineral protein capsid – and goes towards the etheric forces of life originating from the Mysteries of the Wisdom of the Dominions of the Ancient Sun – the cell as the basic unit of living beings. The Asuras, being the regressive hierarchy of Saturn, operate by disrupting the physical. The Asuras act in man by binding the physical body and I through the consciousness soul. The virus has this signature because it enters the cell and disintegrates its form in order to replicate itself.

Viruses and etheric body

The virus is therefore transmitted, but that does not mean that it can cause symptoms: an asymptomatic is not sick. The problem is the soil: if the etheric soil is weak, viruses and bacteria can and do become pathogenic, i.e. they overpower the host etheric body. The I-etheric axis allows to strengthen the immune system, which is basically the one that keeps the form of the organism integrated with the ether of life. The etheric body originates in the Ancient Sun from the Vital Spirit of the Dominations, i.e. 3 planetary incarnation before the human Ego. In fact, the etheric body is 3 times more evolved than the physical body. It is the etheric body that through the ether of life maintains the form of the human organism.

In this regard it is good to remember that man has never “created” a virus, but only modified it. The same applies to all other beings “created” in the laboratory, that is, they are modified. The expression “creating in the laboratory” is completely inappropriate. Man has not yet acquired the necessary strength to rise to the rank of those Spiritual Hierarchies which are the Creator Gods, that is, the Elohim. The Ego of man, even though it was given by the Elohim, is still in its infancy; to be precise, the Elohim, being the Hierarchy of the Sun, are four times more evolved than the human Ego in its present state, that is, they are beyond the state of consciousness of Intuition.

The virus, being originally part of the organism that originated it, has a dissolving action on form: the principle of form is linked to that of identity. So much so that morphology is the first among the branches of life sciences, biology. In fact, we recognize the “forms of life”, that is, the forms that are endowed with their own life, which in turn maintains the form. Once the “forms of life”, vegetable or animal, are abandoned by life at the moment of death, they also lose their own form through decomposition.

From this we can well understand how a virus, which is a simplified form of a more complex form of life, needing to enter the original host organism to replicate, acts as a decayed ether of life, an anti-ether of life. This is all the more true when the virus may also have been engineered to amplify some of its characteristics, such as a greater ability to spread and infect. Therefore, in order to assume its own form, the virus needs to dissolve that of the cells from which it originated, replicating within them. A virus can remain intact in its functional form only for a limited time outside the host organism, otherwise it will dissolve its own form by atmospheric agents, primarily sunlight.

The Corona-Crisis

First of all, the Coronavirus is a flu, i.e. a virus that mainly affects the human respiratory system: nose, mouth, trachea and especially the lungs. According to anthroposophical medicine, influenza is therefore a disease related to Mercury, to which the lungs corresponded in ancient times, representing the wings of the caduceus still to unfold. Thus, influence is an increase of consciousness in the sphere of feeling, the rhythmic pole. According to anthroposophical physiology, the lungs are that part of the human body that connects the human individual with the cosmos; it is through breathing, inhaling and exhaling that there is a constant exchange between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The relation between micro and macrocosm is the point where the cosmic half of the cosmic lemniscata enters and becomes the human half.

The Coronavirus causes a transformation of the lungs so that from a watery environment, which covers the alveoli with a veil, it passes to a dry, calcified environment so that the respiratory function becomes difficult, that is to say, a conscious effort becomes necessary to make the respiratory function take place, whether by the patient or by the caregiver. In other words, the Coronavirus highlights the point of contact between the individual and the universe, the respiratory system, so that it becomes necessary to rethink our relationship with the environment.

Man has lost spontaneous contact with Nature, with the Earth, and must now consciously rethink it. The lungs allow us to incarnate the spiritual-animal pole in the physical body, binding it to the elementary air and therefore even to matter: an aspect we forget in this virtual society that wants to split its link with Nature and therefore with the Earth. To deny the link between Nature and Man is to deny the Spirit of the Earth, it is to deny that the Earth is the body of Christ.

Despite all the conspiracy theories, the Coronavirus originates in China: this can be demonstrated by the phylogenetic study of the genome of the Coronavirus, which is related to its ancestor, the Coronavirus of bats. It is therefore a “species jump” between bat and man. Like many other epidemics that originated in China and more generally in places where the possibility of mixing human and animal blood, the mutation that allows the virus to pass species, is due to the combination of poor or absent hygiene conditions combined with the inhuman treatment of animals, often exotic and protected by international conventions. In China, snakes, bats and even the pangolin have been implicated, animal species subject to the highest restrictions in the field of illegal trade that China systematically avoids, so much so that, for example, the pangolin is on the road to extinction.

The Coronavirus on the one hand is a fragment of the animal that has managed to become partially human, on the other hand it is a part of man that is being animalised.  From a scientific and spiritual point of view, we should not forget both the wild deforestation of the Amazon and the fires in Australia that have caused the death of tens of thousands of animals in suffering: as we have seen, the animal suffering caused by man because of his disconnection with the Earth as a living being, as the body of Christ, generates compensation from the wave of animal life that returns in the form of pathogens, such as viruses. Man treats animals in an inhuman way and they lower themselves becoming pathogens, returning to compensate for the suffering suffered.

The epidemic then involved all the nations of the world and thus became a pandemic: this means that its compensation, although originating in China, acts throughout the world, all the more so in the more industrialized nations. This aspect indicates a link with consumerism, the “child” of materialistic thought applied to the economy, and therefore involves in various ways the karma of all the nations of the world. It is therefore an event on the level of world karma, universally human.

As far as contagion is concerned, it is not difficult to note that the most polluted areas are subject to greater virulence: just think of the cities in China and the Italian red zone which includes the main cities where smog and particulate matter are a serious problem. Respiratory tissues are already normally subject to stress and are therefore weaker. The high mortality rate in Italy is probably linked, on the one hand, to the fact that it is among the oldest populations and, on the other, to the abuse of antibiotics that over time has selected strains of extremely resistant bacteria which, in combination with the effects of the virus, are the real cause of deaths. The large-scale spread of the virus is due to deforestation and wild urbanisation, which allows the virus not to be buffered by the compensatory systems with which ecosystems are equipped.

From the phenomenological point of view also the name “Coronavirus” has a scientific-spiritual value: in fact this virus has in itself the word “Crown”, which is in the form of the protein capsid of the virus itself, but it is also a word of power, it is the name of the highest sphere of the Tree of Life: the Sephirah Kether, “Crown” in fact, which is the divine Ego, or true Ego placed at the center of the Zodiac. This “I” is superior even to the higher “I” which resides in the sphere of the Sun. This aspect of phenomenological observation of the very name of the virus leads us to the fact that man must find within himself his Crown, that is to say, the vertical connection between the individual ego in the incarnation and his superior ego and therefore the Christ, who is called to be born in every man, regardless of the external churches which – because of the arrangements made to slow down the contagion – are closed and therefore cannot gather the coven of the faithful.

The karmic link China-Italy

As regards the situation in particular between China and Italy, and the relationship between them in terms of number of infections, we can say that, historically, Italy has always been the gateway of the East to Europe. This is all the more true with regard to China, since Venice was the gateway to the heart of Europe on the Silk Road.

Moreover, more recently Italy and China have developed a special relationship of proximity since the 2008 crisis, when much Italian manufacturing production had already been relocated to China, as well as many businesses and properties were sold to Chinese buyers. Italy suffered the 2008 crisis much more than other European countries, making it more permeable to Eastern influence, and also more attractive to foreign investors, such as the Chinese. From there began a sort of “substitution” of companies that were previously Italian on Italian soil with Chinese ones on Italian soil.

The reason for the sale is purely economic, and since the Italian economy is sick, the disease pours into the social sphere as an epidemic. By binding the economy, the liquids, the vital substance, the etheric body of Italy and China, are bound: consequently if “China gets sick” also “Italy will get sick” as a consequence, as a domino effect.

To reinforce this double aspect, Italy and China have recently signed an economic and tourist and cultural exchange pact in order to put Italy as a balancing pole between America, always present militarily and ideologically on the territory since after the Second World War, and China to represent the growing industrial power of the East.

We see the consequences of this karmic link also in the way China is making up for the lack of masks in Italy, also sending medical experts in the containment of viral contagion. Emblematic is the quote by Lucio Anneo Seneca chosen as a slogan by the technological brand Xiaomi to send masks:

We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.

This phrase, which is part of the classic heritage of Mediterranean civilization, was chosen by a representative of Chinese culture to indicate the union that unconsciously exists between Italy and China, in its positive and negative aspects. It is very interesting to note how it is a thought of unity, continuity and identity, which, though Seneca’s, echoes in it the ancient wisdom of oriental aphorisms. It is interesting to note how this element of adagio on traditional culture is in common, albeit in different forms, between the East, China first of all and Italy.

The China of the Emperors has become the China of the totalitarian communist regime with few enjoying behind the many, the Italy of the Roman Emperors has become the Italy lobbying for the personalisms and selfishness of the few on the many. Italian thought and language, being fundamentally woven into the element of air, are influenced by the same luciferic forces predominating in the East, which are leading to give weight to the few more than to the individual. It must be remembered that the East, in particular Asia Minor, was founded as a centre for the diffusion of the resurrected wisdom of Atlantis after the Universal Flood and therefore the East itself is more linked to the repetition of tradition, of the same rather than to innovation as is the American West pole.

Viruses and vaccines

With regard to Steiner’s position on vaccines, the following quote is often quoted, but it is not directly related to the current situation regarding vaccines:

The Spirits of Darkness are among us, they are here. We must remain on our guard so that we may notice them when we meet them, so that we may understand where they are. For the most dangerous thing in the near future will be to surrender unconsciously to such influences, which really exist around us. In fact, whether man recognizes them or not, it makes no difference to their real existence. Above all, it will be important for these spirits of darkness to bring confusion, to give false directions to what is now spreading throughout the world, and for which the spirits of Light will continue to operate in the right direction. I have already had occasion to warn of a wrong direction, which is indeed among the most paradoxical. I have indicated to you that human bodies will develop in such a way that a certain spirituality may find its place there, but that materialistic thought, whose diffusion is increasingly nourished by the indications of the spirits of darkness, will operate in such a way as to oppose it by material means. I have told you that the spirits of darkness will inspire the victims on whom they feed, the men who dwell, even to invent a vaccine to divert the tendency of souls towards spirituality from their very earliest infancy. As today’s bodies are vaccinated against this and that, so in the future will vaccinate children with a substance prepared so that through vaccination, these people will be immune from developing in themselves the “madness” of spiritual life, madness, of course, from the materialistic point of view. […] All this ultimately tends to find a method by which they will be able to vaccinate their bodies, so that they will not develop inclinations towards spiritual ideas, but will believe throughout their existence only in physical matter. Thus, just as medicine today vaccinates against tuberculosis, so tomorrow it will vaccinate against the disposition towards spirituality. This is intended only to give a hint of something particularly paradoxical, among the many other things that will happen in this area, in the near and even more distant future, so as to create havoc in what is to flow on earth from the Spiritual Worlds, thanks to the “Victory of the Spirits of Light. – Rudolf Steiner, The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness, GA177, lecture of 27 October 1917

This vaccine “against the spirit” has not yet been invented, and it cannot be countered by a spiritual education. However, it is clear that in this case Steiner is not talking about vaccines in general, but about a specific “anti-spiritual vaccine”. For other vaccines, which relieve man from living the physical counterpart of unbalanced soul dispositions, the rule always applies that spiritual education can compensate for the disease that has been relieved karmically to those who would have to experience it on the one hand, as well as that which has been introduced by force in those who would not have foreseen it in their karma.

If we want to put spiritual science into practice, we must keep in mind that when spiritual development reaches a certain degree, there is no possibility of being “poisoned” by artificial substances, be they vaccines, medicines or food. Regarding what Steiner said about vaccines there is a lot of confusion. The question of vaccines, for whatever disease, is part of the relationship between disease and karma, in which the disease is an expression of karma and therefore of a process of animic compensation, which creates forces in the present incarnation and subsequent ones.

In Steiner’s words:

Now it will be clear why in our period the protection of vaccination appeared. We also understand why, among the best minds of our period, there exists a kind of aversion to vaccination. This aversion corresponds to something within, and is the external expression of an inner reality. So if on the one hand we destroy the physical expression of a previous fault, we should, on the other hand, undertake the duty of transforming the materialistic character of such a person by means of a corresponding spiritual education. This would constitute the indispensable counterpart without which we are performing only half our task. We are merely accomplishing something to which the person in question will himself have to produce a counterpart in a later incarnation. If we destroy the susceptibility to smallpox [through vaccination], we are concentrating only on the external side of karmic activity. If on the one side we go in for hygiene, it is necessary that on the other we should feel it our duty to contribute to the person whose organism has been so transformed, something also for the good of his soul. Vaccination will not be harmful if, subsequent to vaccination, the person receives a spiritual education. If we concentrate upon one side only and lay no emphasis upon the other, we weigh down the balance unevenly. This is really what is felt in those circles which maintain that where hygienic measures go too far, only weak natures will be propagated. This of course is not justifiable, but we see how essential it is that we should not undertake one task without the other. – Rudolf Steiner, Manifestations of Karma, GA120, 25th May 1910

The Gospel passage that refers to this process of compensation between what is artificial and what is spiritual, is this:

And these signswill accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons;they will speak in new tongues;they will pick up snakeswith their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands onsick people, and they will get well. – Mark 16:17-18

And particularly:

And when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all.

The real problem with vaccination is the imposition, the restriction of freedom. In fact, the evil, in order to act, is disguised as what a certain way of thinking many consider to be “good”. This good today, coincides essentially on the one hand with scientific materialism and on the other with economic enrichment: when a scientific dogma is imposed, it is possible to impose a decision on a large scale in the population and thus enrich a certain economy. Evil will primarily use the economy to act. Evil will therefore exploit a certain critical mass of people, a majority that has not developed its own free will and acts only as a consequence of what is imposed.

The problem with this parallel process of expansion of knowledge and expansion of consciousness is that scientific discoveries and technological innovations can move at a much higher speed than the general spiritual evolution of man, who is therefore progressively becoming spiritually lazy. This is how man falls prey to the grip of Lucifer when man totally refutes technology, and of Ahriman when man embraces it to the fullest and acritically. Technology, for example, has become so powerful and seductive to man that the temptation arises to abdicate all action to substitutes for man, be they computers, robots or cyborgs. Every scientific discovery expands the realm of investigation of science and every technological innovation expands the possibilities of human action: these events can (and indeed do) take place without the full participation of human consciousness, thus leaving a void between present and future human consciousness. In essence, any progress brought ahead of the expansion of consciousness widens an abyss between what man is and what he is destined to achieve and which he can only bridge with a greater spiritual effort.

Coronavirus cure

Rather than the vaccine, it would be good to focus on treating the symptoms of Coronavirus infection, and in particular on hyperimmune plasma, which consists of a blood transfusion from patients who have integrated the response to Coronavirus Covid-19 into their immune system, having developed antibodies to such a degree that they are “hyperimmune”, i.e. no longer able to develop symptoms or transmit them. From the scientific-spiritual point of view we also know that blood is the vehicle of the Ego on the physical plane, and in particular of the group Ego, i.e. the hereditary physical forces, which are part of the Old Testament blood brotherhood. These hereditary physical forces respond to the Archangel Gabriel, who presides over the generation forces of the Moon and, on a higher plane, to Eloah Jehovah or Jahve, the Spirit of the Moon. Blood transfusion is absolutely forbidden by Jehovah and Gabriel, who prefer the physical hereditary line, where the group soul lives. This was completely justified in evolutionary terms before the Mystery of Golgotha, with the need to reach the priestly and royal line of Jesus of Nazareth.

However, everything changes in the times of the New Testament, and especially since after the Mystery of Golgotha, the lunar forces of Jehovah give way to those of Christ, the Solar Spirit who ends the mission of all blood ties and begins the importance of the brotherhood of the spirit that we will see culminating only soon in the 6th Epoch of Culture, the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Spiritual Self. The law of Christ’s love in the individual ego goes beyond the law of the retribution linked to blood and the group soul. We are today not only in the age of the conscious soul, the 5th Epoch of Culture or the Age of Pisces, which must transmute the physical, but also in the age of the Arché Michael who, unlike Gabriel, inspires cosmic thinking and cosmopolitanism, rejecting everything that has to do only with the heredity of blood, since it is linked to physical generation. Michael, and therefore the scientific-spiritual and Rosicrucian path he presides over, rejects what is founded only in the physical and hereditary line, where the group soul predominates.

The blood transfusion among the same folk therefore loosens the strength of the group soul, allowing instead the individual ego to prevail: the way of the ego and the way that sees Michael enlighten thinking and join Christ in thinking of the heart and in the etherization of the blood, an over-sensitive blood that has no hereditary ties. So the argument that one should refuse to accept blood transfusions because of a “mixture of the spirit” is what Steiner calls “Jahve-Denken”, the “Thinking of Jahve” of the Old Testament, the same principle that Jehovah’s Witnesses reject transfusions. In fact, the brotherhood of the blood and therefore the close bond between spirit and blood ceases with the Mystery of Golgotha, a moment in which the brotherhood of the spirit prevails more and more, which is founded on the blood of Christ Jesus flowing from the cross, on the etherization of the blood flowing between heart and head and therefore on the Eternal Christ.

The Redemption of Ahriman

Steiner was not against technology and its innovations, but he warned against taking it for granted that innovation in itself, without a corresponding spiritual development, could benefit humanity. In fact, vaccines are to be framed in this way, as are all technological innovations: everything that relieves the human being must be compensated by spiritual work. This applies to any technological invention without exception, since the spirits that inspire scientific discoveries are luciferic spirits and those that inspire technological innovation are ahrimanic spirits. Consequently, scientific discoveries and technological innovations must be balanced against the ego through Christ.

The mission of man after the Mystery of Golgotha is to redeem Ahriman by transforming the laboratory table into an altar. For this to happen it is necessary that man can believe that he can evolve towards his spiritual archetype so that his actions will be directed to the greatest good. Man has stopped believing in what his spiritual archetype allows him to be: much more than is currently the case. Belief is a process that allows man to come to knowledge. The present man, grasping himself as I do in thinking, can reach what he cannot yet know by means of belief. However, current natural science, being materialistic, interrupts this process: by denying belief as a cognitive means it makes everything possible to know only information given, provided by others, and never grasped through the ego.

The moment man will be pervaded by the sense of the sacred by carrying out a scientific experiment will prevent Ahriman from penetrating the act itself: nature science will be consecrated, and the experience of Nature through science will also be sacred. Materialism will have been defeated on the very altar on which it had initially manifested itself. At that moment Christ will join the ego of that scientist who will be both scientist of nature and scientist of the spirit. After religion, science is the way in which Christ will culminate his evolution in the sphere of human culture towards the end of the 5th Epoch of Culture today. At that moment the human ego will have acquired the creative capacity in the scientific sense, that is, it will have brought the conscious soul into science, while bringing science to consciousness, carrying out a process that man already accomplished with the evolution of the sentient soul having conquered creativity in the artistic sense.

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