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The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine according to Anthroposophy


In order to understand the similarities and differences in the doctrine of the 5 elements, we must go back to their origin in evolution, both macrocosmically, in the cosmic origin of the elements themselves, and microcosmically, in the origin of the doctrine of the elements from the different state of human consciousness. If in the cosmic origin of the elements we go back to the union, it is in the different stage of evolution of consciousness that we find the differences between the 5 Chinese elements compared to the 5 Western elements and ethers. In particular, this split is due to the different clairvoyant perception possessed by the two main migratory flows that emerged from the Altantis. There were in fact two evolutionary currents that were saved from the Universal Flood:

  1. An evolutionary stream migrated east to Asia, into the Gobi Desert;

  2. The other to the northwest, towards Hibernia, ancient Ireland, one of the portions of Atlantis that escaped the water catastrophe.

We see first of all the current of civilization that came to Hibernia, that of the Druids. The Druids founded derived from the Primordial Semites, the 5th Atlantean subrace and founded the Mysteries of Hibernia. The Druids had as a central event the fact that the Universal Flood also coincided with the separation of the “higher waters from the lower ones”, i.e. that the fluid elements, Air and Water, had finally separated, so that the air ascended while the water descended in the form of the waters of the Flood itself. This fact was but the outward reflection corresponding to the inner event of the division of the new waking consciousness from the ancient atavistic clairvoyant consciousness. At that point the initiates of Hibernia, who had preserved the knowledge of the Mysteries of the Sun Oracle of Atlantis, had before their clairvoyant eye the fact that there were 4 distinct elements, each with its elementary beings. These four elements were then united in 3 principles, masculine, feminine and neutral, and these in turn in the Sun and Moon, the manifest Luminaries, and all of them belonged to the Spiritual Sun, a reminder of the Mysteries of Atlantis. The druids brought the impulse of the 4 elements to which the Sun, radiating the ether, had to be added. The Lord of the Elements, the source of the ether, that is, of life, was Christ, he was at the same time the image of man before the fall, the Adam of Light. He is the original paradisiacal condition of man who was later incarnated in the Nathanic Jesus of the Gospel of Luke, the Second Adam. The Druids therefore had a cosmic, esoteric Christianity, which is at the origin of the first form of the doctrine of the 5 elements which later became known to Westerners. The main imagination of the Druids was that of the altar, shaped like a cubic stone, which stood under two columns surmounted by an architrave, on which the Sun rose. The alchemical doctrine was then infused into alchemy, which in its original form was imported as far as India, passing through the Middle East, Egypt and finally Greece. As we shall see later, this doctrine is linked to the memory of the Oracle of Vulcan, who has always had a close relationship with the Spiritual Sun Oracle of Manu. The Indian doctrine of the 5 elements is therefore in reality a doctrine of the very ancient Western initiates of Hibernia, the Druids, filtered through the cultures of the Mediterranean.

Let us now come to the other current of the Mysteries, that of the Eastern Mysteries. This was preserved by Manu, the guide of humanity, who kept the extract of the etheric body of the 7 Holy Rishis in the Ark, that is what in Indian esotericism is called the Preserver, Matsya, the fish avatar of Vishnu. This human lineage was the primordial population that went to live in Central Asia, in the Gobi Desert: here Manu awakened the etheric bodies of the 7 Holy Rishis, which recalled to life the knowledge of the 7 oracles of Atlantis, in them was also contained the wisdom of the 7 subraces of the Atlantean Era:

  1. Romohal, giants, the Titans, dedicated to the cult of the Oracle of Saturn, or rather of form and therefore of death;

  2. Tlavatli, inhabitants of the mountain, with the cult of Jupiter, of good government;

  3. Toltecs, administrators, with the cult of the Moon, of the sharing and multiplication of goods;

  4. Turanians, warriors and colonizers, with the cult of Mars, of the unification of differences;

  5. Primordial Semites, nomads, with the cult of Vulcan, that is, of inner fire and preservation;

  6. Akkadians, sailors and travellers, with the cult of Mercury, of exploration and communication;

Mongols, farmers and peasants, with the cult of Venus, the transformation of vital forces.To these is added the Manu, who cultivated the incorrupt cult of the Spiritual Sun, the Eighth Oracle, who was concerned with the preservation of the memory of the earthly paradise as well as the primordial solar cult, which took root in the Hyperboreal Era when the Sun broke away from the Earth-Moon. The Oracle of Manu worked in close connection with the Oracle of Vulcan of the Primordial Semiri, from which all the subsequent evolution of the 5th postatalntic era would derive. If the Oracle of Manu was concerned with the preservation of the solar cult, it could only express itself in its totality in the cult of Vulcan’s inner fire.

It will be remembered that it was the Turans, the 4th subrace, who caused, through their black magic, the fall of the Atlantis in the middle of its evolution: among them lies the core of the culture that we know as “primordial Chinese”. The Atlanteans had magical power over the etheric as well as over the ether in Nature, it was the Turanians who were the first to use it for power, imposing themselves on other kingdoms of Atlantis by colonizing them. After the Flood, the Turans who escaped the catastrophe received the impulse to metamorphosis in Chinese culture when the memory of the Atlantic catastrophe was awakened in them. The etheric body of the saint who carried the Turanic wisdom was penetrated by the occult knowledge of Manu, the Spiritual Sun: at that point what was the fallen black Turanic magic came to be redeemed.

Turanic magic, in its duplicity of black and white magic, came to form the basis of the doctrines of the balance of the Tao way. Thus there was a real regeneration of the seed of Turanic culture. This culture, now renewed, was destined to become immense and very powerful, so much so that it could provide the suitable vehicle to welcome the physical incarnation of Lucifer, that is the Yellow Emperor, Huang-Di. The Yellow Emperor made sure to put in written form for the first time the Chinese occult doctrines, which provided the basis for the future unification of all the previously fragmented Chinese kingdoms. Among these doctrines was that of the 5 elements: Fire, Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, and the doctrine of the Tao and its differentiation, the occult basis of Taoism.

Now, in order to understand why the elements are indicated in this way, we must go back to the Mysteries of the Oracle of Mars, who was the Oracle of the Turans: this oracle kept in itself the memories of the Ancient Moon, which took place within the orbit of Mars, as well as the Lemurian Era, a recapitulation of the lunar stage, when the planet Mars passed through the Earth.

  1. At that time fire and air were not clearly distinguishable: the Earth was essentially enveloped in fiery air, the Ruach = Fire;

  2. At the same time as the metamorphosis of the Ancient Sun had already passed, vegetable forces had already appeared = Wood;

  3. as well as that of the water in which the Ancient Moon occurred = Water;

  4. In the Lemuric Era the last of the 7 metals was added to the earth, the Martian iron = Metal;

  5. Finally Mars gives its name to the first half of the Metamorphosis of the Earth, where the solid physical element = Earth appears.

From another point of view we can see the relationship of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to the four directions of space:

  1. East: Lightning-Air, Spring;

  2. South: Fire, Summer;

  3. West: Earth, Autumn;

  4. North: Water, Winter.

Which then differ in the 5 elements because they form two transition elements, namely Metal, which is a liquid earth that connects the Earth to Water, and wood, which is a Water that ascends to the sky and that connects Water to Fire. In this division the Earth can also be seen as the Space of manifestation and therefore can be placed in the center.

5 chinese elements.png

Thus, from the number 5 of creation, we go back to the number 4 of the primordial manifestation in Space which was originally Empty. This Void was filled by the dual manifestation of the Dao, the union of the male root Yang and the female root Yin, which correspond to the two primal elements:

  1. Yang, the masculine principle, white color, positive sign, which gives, which ascends, subtle and volatile = Fire;

  2. Yin, the feminine principle, black color, negative sign, which receives in power, which descends, dense and fixed = Water.


Alchemy: the differentiation from unity to multiplicity by dichotomies.

Fire and Water, also called Light and Darkness, are the elemental roots also in Western alchemy, and their union forms the Hexagram, the six-pointed star, which is thus equivalent to the Tao in its meaning of union of the two primordial elements from which the four elements are derived. In the Mystical Temple are the two columns Jakin, the male column of Fire, and Boaz, the female column of Water. In the science of the spirit this dichotomous differentiation between the subtle and volatile part and the dense and fixed part, corresponds exactly to the differentiation between the ethers that ascend and the elements that descend in creation. The Dao is the unity that differentiates itself two by two in duality, generating multiplicity from unity and which, in the future, will gradually return to primordial unity and then be reabsorbed into the Void, the Immanifest or Supreme Fundamental. In the science of the spirit, the Tao is the Tau, the Divine Word that echoes in Nature until the Atlantean Era: this Word is the Logos, “In the beginning was the Word”, which put into action the whole Creation. This divine word was heard until the appearance of the black magicians in the 4th subrace of Atlantis, when the Turans began to use the life force that flowed from the Word itself, in order to acquire power.


Taoism: the differentiation from unity to multiplicity by dichotomies.

Thus we also come backwards to a 6th element, the Void or Space, which corresponds to the description of the Cosmic Night, the Pralaya, in the science of the spirit: in the Cosmic Night all that has been emanated in the Cosmic Day, the Manvatara, is portrayed in the form of a spiritual seed, which lies in the womb of the Immanifesto, the Void. This Void is composed of the root of the elements, the Cosmic Ether or Akasha, which in fact is a “negative space”, that is, a space opposite and complementary to that which extends in three directions and therefore in the elements.

Here then is the doctrine of the 5 elements as a particular reminder of the doctrines of the Oracle of Mars. Mars itself cabalistically is connected to the number 5, the 5th Sephirah, Geburah, the Force, and therefore to the Pentagram, as Star of the Microcosm, as well as star of the 5 elements.

After seeing how these two doctrines divide, let’s see what they have in common. Both these doctrines of the 5th post-Atlantic era have as their foundation the number 5, which leads back to the archetypal form of man: the Druids perceived him in the Quintessence, that is, the ether that emanates from the Sun. He was the Christ and at the same time the cosmic man, the primordial Adam. Being the etheric human body a pentagram, and being this one a creation of the Dominations on the Ancient Sun, it can be said that 5 is the number of man in the 5th post-atlantic epoch, when man lost the atavistic consciousness and became able to think autonomously, thus having experience of the ether of thought even if in decayed form.

We find the doctrine of cosmic man also in Chinese occultism in the origin of the energy meridians which are the subtle anatomy of the etheric body. On the Ancient Sun the Archangels received the stellar impulse from the Dominations, the Spirits of Wisdom, when they sacrificed the etheric body. In this body were inscribed the laws of harmony according to the Cherubim, the Spirits of the Zodiac. Among these Archangels, 12 were the representatives of the vanguard of human evolution at that time. One of them carried the impulse of the Aries- Lamb, or “sacrifice,” and this was what later became in the Earth-Mars the Eloah of the Sun Christ. He once, once on Earth, transferred the stellar impulse to the human etheric body in the form of “cosmic acupuncture”: the rays of the stars became embedded like needles in the etheric so that the etheric body of all living beings received the imprint of the starry sky, transferring the macrocosm into the microcosm, thus creating the energetic meridians. This was a cosmic prefiguration of the Passion of Christ, which created at the same time the image of the energetic man. The man of the Chinese meridians is therefore not only the image of the etheric body, but also the image of the cosmic man, Adam Kadmon.

Now we can sum up: both doctrines are rooted in Atlantean occultism in which the atavistic clairvoyant consciousness still prevailed and lead from the event of the Universal Flood, after which the waking state of consciousness progressively prevails.

The doctrine of the 5 western elements is a Druidic doctrine, therefore proto-Semitic, of the 5th suborazza atlantidea, which is also found in the occult doctrine of the Tetragrammaton and Pentagrammaton of the Kabbalah which is fundamentally linked to the Oracle of Vulcan; instead that of the 5 Chinese elements is a Turanian doctrine, of the 4th suborazza atlantidea, which is based on the memory of the Ancient Moon and Lemuria preserved in the Oracle of Mars.

Finally, both doctrines originate cosmically from a quinary conception of man typical of the 5th Atlantic culture, a memory of the archetypal etheric form, the Pentagram. To this doctrine will succeed the occult knowledge of the number of the Sun, the 6, which will be able to the 6th epoch of Russian-Slavic culture, developing the Spiritual Self, which will add to the ether of the thought of the 5th epoch, the moral ether of the 6th epoch.

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