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The Archetypal Forces in Biography


The Archetypal Forces

Here we can outline a synthesis of the spiritual forces at stake in the evolution of biography and which are taken into account in Biographical Counseling. They are spiritual forces that act on destiny, creating the conditions for the manifestation of events. These forces that, with another term, we can also call “Archetypes” are not only structures of the collective unconscious, as interpreted by Jung and all analytical psychology, but according to the Spiritual Science they are in truth true spiritual forces expression of spiritual beings acting both in man and in the world, both subjective and objective and that must be recognized in their various metamorphoses. Only in this way is it possible to become conscious of one’s own biography.

2 Polar Archetypes

The Polar Archetypes represent Dualism on the vertical:

  1. Luciferic Forces: they are the forces of traction upwards, of expansion in the macrocosm. They become unilateral Idealism.

  2. Ahrimanic Forces: they are the forces of traction downwards, of contraction in the microcosm. They become Materialism.

It is also expressed as Cosmic Father and Mother:

  1. Heavenly Father: it is the principle of outward Irradiation, which is expressed in the form of the Straight Line like the rays of the Sun. It is the Eternal Masculine.

  2. Mother Earth: is the principle of inward Implosion, which is expressed in the form of the Curved Line like the rays of the Moon. It is the Eternal Feminine.

3 Alchemical Archetypes

The Tria Before Paracelsus represent the activity of the soul:

  1. Salt: is the materializing and contracting principle. It represents the solidity of the Body. In the soul is Thinking.

  2. Mercury: it is the animating and rhythmic principle. It represents the fluidity of the Soul. In the Soul is the Feeling.

  3. Sulfur: it is the spiritualizing and expansive principle. It represents the fire of the Spirit. In the Soul is the Will.

Taken together, the Tria Prima correspond to every possible ternary, both in Nature and in Man and in Cosmos. They can also represent the Triple Spirit: Sulfur as the Spiritual Self, Mercury as the Vital Spirit, and Salt as the Spirit-Man.

Or as polarity in the Cosmos and in the Human Being:

  1. Thinking: Promises together with the rays of the Moon, which are the reflection of the rays of the Sun. It proceeds from the Sun as direct cosmic thinking, therefore, when it is collected by the Moon, it becomes sublunar and therefore terrestrial thinking. In Man, rational thinking is derived from sensory perception, and is therefore reflected, while thinking free of the senses ascends to the solar sphere, and is therefore cosmic thinking.

  2. Feeling: allows the encounter between the current of thinking that from cosmic to earthly, and of the will that from earthly to cosmic.

  3. Willing: it emanates from the center of the Earth and radiates into cosmic space, where it is compensated by cosmic thinking radiated by the Sun.

4 + 1 Elementary Archetypes

The Elementary Archetypes represent the ways in which the soul expresses itself in the physical-etheric world through temperament:

  1. Earth: it is cold and dry, it is the solid state of matter, the heaviest. Melancholic temperament predominant in the physical body. In the Tarot is the Seed of Coins.

  2. Water: it is cold and humid, it is the liquid state of matter. Phlegmatic temperament preponderant in the etheric body. In the Tarot is the Seed of Cups / Hearts.

  3. Air: is hot and humid, is the aerial state of matter, gas. Sanguine temperament preponderant in the astral body. In the Tarot is the Seed of Swords / Spades.

  4. Fire: is hot and dry, is the caloric state of matter, heat. Colleric temperament predominant in the I. In the Tarot is the Seed of Sticks / Flowers.

  5. Ether: is the fundamental essence of all four elements, represents universal life. Sometimes it indicates the Spirit. In the Tarot is the Major Arcane 0 – The Fool.

Taken together, the 4 elements are also the formative archetypes of the four bodies, which are therefore represented by geometric shapes such as, the Square, if we include only the four elements, or the Pentagram, the five-pointed star, when we also include the Ether or Spirit as the fifth element.

7 + 1 Planetary Archetypes

Planetary Archetypes represent the modes of expression of the soul over time, varying from one mode to another to understand the totality of the experience:

  1. Earth: in the Kabbalah corresponds to Malkuth, the Kingdom. The Archangel is Sandalphon. Soul mood of Immanentism. Color: White symbol on a green background. Antimony metal. Major Arcane of the Tarot: 0 – The Fool. It is the spiritually central planet in the Cosmos, all the other planets relate to the Earth as the dwelling place of Man. It is the planet where the cosmic and human drama of Redemption takes place. In dreams he is the hero at the beginning of his journey, before he became the Solar Hero who faced the Guardian of the Threshold and emerged victorious. He is the Herald of the New Age. His mother is the Moon, his father is Saturn, so he also represents the newborn child.

  2. Moon: in the Kabbalah, it corresponds to Yesod, the Foundation. Musical note: Si. Vowel EI. Soul mood of Occultism. Color: Yellow symbol on Purple background. Silver metal. Organ: Reproductive Organs and Nervous System. Major Arcane of the Tarot: II – The Popess. In the soul is the Great Mother (Isis, Selene, Mary), the one from whom souls are born on Earth and to whom souls pass when crossing the gates of the Death Threshold. In dreams she appears as a mature woman or the Wise Old Woman. She acts as a cosmic mirror: she collects all the spiritual impulses of the stars, especially the Sun, and reflects them on Earth. Hence the fact that silver is the most reflective metal. It has its opposite in Saturn. It regulates the vital process of Reproduction.

  3. Mercury: in the Kabbalah corresponds to Hod, Splendor. Musical note: Re. Vowel I. Soul mood of Transcendentalism. Color: Blue symbol on Orange background. Metal Mercury. Organ: Lungs. Major Arcane of the Tarot: I – The Bagat or Wizard. In the soul is the Messenger (Thoth, Hermes, Mercury) who brings the good news to the Hero, the call to his life mission, the one who upsets the balance (Trickster) and yet allows evolution to take place through the conjunction of opposites, celebrating the Alchemical Wedding. It is the planet of intelligence and communication, which allows thought to flow freely. That is why it represents childhood. It has its opposite in Jupiter. It regulates the vital process of Maintenance.

  4. Venus: in the Kabbalah it corresponds to Netzach, Victory. Musical note: Fa. Vowel A. Soul mood of Mysticism. Color: Red symbol on Green background. Metal Copper. Organ: Kidneys. Major Arcane of Tarot: III – The Empress. In the Soul is the female counterpart of the male, the Soul (Hathor, Aphrodite, Sophia) and represents the Eternal Feminine who mediates between the material external world and the spiritual inner world of the Hero. She is the Queen who joins the King in the Alchemical Wedding. In dreams she appears as a young woman. She is the planet of beauty and nourishment, which allows the development of ideas into concrete objects. That is why she also represents adolescence. It has its opposite on Mars. It regulates the vital process of Growth.

  5. Sun: in the Kabbalah corresponds to Tiphareth, Beauty. Musical note: La. Vowel AU. Soul mood of Empiricism. Color: Violet symbol on Yellow background. Gold metal. Organ: Heart. Major Arcane of the Tarot: VII – The Chariot. In the soul represents the Hero of the Thousand Faces, the Solar Hero, the one who wore all the masks to face the Hero’s Journey, the Person (Horus, Mithras, Michael). In dreams he appears as the protagonist. It is the planet of life and individuality, which exists to the extent that it gives itself to the Cosmos. With its rhythmic fluctuations is the cosmic heart which beats in unison with the Earth toward which its efforts of elevation are directed. It has no opposites, for it is the balancing diaphragm of the subsolar and supersolar planets. It represents the major age. It regulates the vital process of Circulation.

  6. Mars: in the Kabbalah it corresponds to Geburah, Strength. Musical note: Do. Vowel E. Soul mood of Volunteering. Color: Green symbol on Red background. Metal Iron. Organ: Gallbladder and Bile ducts. Major Arcane of the Tarot: IV – The Emperor. In dreams is the virile man (Ares), the King, who helps the Hero with a magic object or joins in Alchemical Wedding to Queen (The Empress), represents the Eternal Masculine, is also called Animus. It is the planet of expression, both as words and gestures. His is pure strength which also translates into violent confrontation in order to overcome a conflict. It represents the virile age. It has its opposite in Venus. It regulates the vital process of Nutrition.

  7. Jupiter: in the Kabbalah it corresponds to Chesed, Grace. Musical note: Mi. Vowel O. Animic intonation of Logicism. Color: Orange symbol on a blue background. Metal Tin. Organs: Liver. Major Arcane of the Tarot: V – The Pope. In the soul he represents the mentor, and in dreams he appears as the Old Sage who gives mystical knowledge to the Hero. It is the planet of joy named after him, of abundance and royalty. It confers plastic perfection to the form. It has its opposite in Mercury. It represents the mature age. It regulates the vital process of Warming.

  8. Saturn: in the Kabbalah it corresponds to Binah, Intelligence. Musical note: Sol. Vowel U. Soul mood of Gnosis. Color: White symbol on black background. Metal Lead. Organs: Spleen and Bone Marrow. Major Arcane of Tarot: VIII – The Hermit. In the soul is the Shadow, the Guardian of the Threshold that protects the Threshold of the Spiritual World preventing the Hero from entering before he is ready to receive Perpetual Wisdom, It is the planet of seriousness, melancholy and inexorable time. Its impulse leads to stiffening until death. It represents old age. It has its opposite in the Moon. It regulates the life process of Breathing.

12 Zodiacal Archetypes

The Zodiacal Archetypes represent the modality of expression of the soul in space, that is, they are points of view that the soul assumes in order to know the object of its experience:

  1. Aries: 21 March – 20 April. Masculine Sign Cardinal of Fire. Red color. Physical sense of the I. Vision of the Idealist World. Quality: positive Audacity; negative Impulsiveness. The Aries gives himself continuously in the volitional impulse. For this reason it is inscribed as a mark in the body of man, in the shape of the forehead. It corresponds to the head and therefore to the verticalization of the human figure.

  2. Taurus: 21 April – 20 May. Fixed Female Sign of Earth. Ruled by Venus. Coral colour. Physical sense of Thought. Vision of the Rationalist World. Quality: positive Practicality, negative Indulgence. The Taurus elaborates the strong-willed impulses of the ram and brings them to maturity in the earth, putting into effect potential fertility. It corresponds to the throat of man and with it the larynx, with the possibility of emitting sounds outside.

  3. Gemini: 21 May – 21 June. Mobile Air Male Sign. Ruled by Mercury. Orange colour. Physical Sense of Language. Vision of the Matematist World. Quality: positive Versatility; negative Superficiality. Gemini take what has been matured from Taurus and bring it into the world, with maximum openness. It corresponds to the bilateral symmetry of the human figure, and with it all the organs and double and specular parts.

  4. Cancer: 22 June – 22 July. Feminine Sign Cardinal of Water. Ruled by the Moon. Yellow Gold colour. Physical Sense of Hearing. Vision of the Materialistic World. Quality: positive Receptivity; negative Laziness. Cancer takes the relationship of Gemini and internalizes it, because only by going back to the past is it possible to become aware of one’s individuality. It corresponds to the ribcage and therefore to the separation between inside and outside.

  5. Leo: 23 July – 23 August. Male Fixed Sign of Fire. Ruled by the Sun. Yellow colour. Physical Sense of Warmth. Vision of the Sensualist World. Quality: positive Ambition; negative Superbia. Leo takes what Cancer has isolated from the outside world and makes it his own in the interior giving it the principle of rhythm. It corresponds to the heart and the internal cavities of the human organism (celoma).

  6. Virgo: 24 August – 22 September. Mobile Feminine Sign of the Earth. Ruled by Mercury. Citrine color. Physical Sense of Sight. Vision of the Phenomenal World. Quality: positive Precision; negative Criticism. The Virgin takes what Leo has matured within himself, and leads him to successive transmutations that take place within himself. It corresponds to the organs of the viscera, in communication with each other, without direct relationship with the external world in which the metabolism takes place.

  7. Libra: 23 September – 22 October. Male Cardinal Air Sign. Ruled by Venus. Green colour. Physical sense of Taste. Vision of the Realist World. Quality: positive Balance; negative Passiveness. Libra takes what the Virgin has transmuted in her womb and weighs it, puts it in horizontal equilibrium, thanks to the pivot located on the vertical. It corresponds to the pelvic and scapular girdle and with them, to the position of equilibrium.

  8. Scorpio: 23 October – 22 November. Female Sign Fixed of Water. Ruled by Mars and Pluto. Turquoise colour. Physical sense of smell. Vision of the World Dynamism. Quality: positive Regeneration; negative Destruction. Scorpio takes what Libra has brought to equilibrium and manifests it as artistic creation on the outside or in the destruction of the old. It corresponds to the reproducing apparatus capable of generating another physical body.

  9. Sagittarius: 23 November – 21 December. Mobile Male Sign of Fire. Ruled by Jupiter. Blue colour. Physical sense of Equilibrium. Vision of the Monadist World. Quality: positive Progress; negative Conformism. Sagittarius makes independent what Scorpio has reproduced in quantity, gives it a unique and unrepeatable purpose, the vital impulse. It corresponds to the limbs, thus allowing man to get ahead of his body in the future.

  10. Capricorn: 22 December – 20 January. Female sign Cardinal of Earth. Ruled by Saturn. Indigo colour. Physical sense of Movement. Vision of the Spiritualist World. Quality: positive Concentration, negative Rigidity. Capricorn takes the purpose of Sagittarius and, through confrontation with opposites, makes it deep when elevated. It corresponds to the joints of the body, that is, the ability to bend and make strength.

  11. Aquarius: 21 January – 19 February. Masculine Sign Fixed of Air. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Purple color. Physical sense of Life. Vision of the Pneumatic World. Quality: positive Innovation, negative Utopism. Aquarius takes the duality of Capricorn and transposes on a higher plane, in the world of abstraction to the threshold of dissolution. It corresponds to the limbs articulated in two functional parts, arm and forearm, thigh and leg.

  12. Pisces: February 20 – March 20. Female Mobile Water Sign. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Magenta color. Physical sense of Touch. Vision of the Psychist World. Quality: positive Spirituality, negative Dissolution. Pisces take the elevation of Aquarius and transport it into action through sacrifice. It corresponds to the articulated terminal parts of the limbs of the human being, hands for grasping and feet for walking.

The Biographical Counseling Interview

The Biographical Counseling interview goes like this…

  1. Let’s talk about your biography, from birth to the interview, the point at which we have reached in our spiritual-animic evolution;

  2. Let us divide your biography into seven years and discover the rhythms and forces at work;

  3. We draw a picture by images of the archetypes at stake, learning to recognize and interpret them;

  4. We delineate how to write in full consciousness the continuation of the biography.


In order to avoid misunderstandings remember that Counseling has nothing to do with Psychiatry or Psychotherapy, only the psychiatrist or psychotherapist can diagnose and treat psychological disorders. Counseling is concerned with the maintenance of a person’s well-being, as well as disharmonies present in the absence of organic or psychic pathologies.

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